Terms and Conditions


This agreement made between the “Guest” and “Home Sweet City LLC”;
1. RENTAL TERMS: That in consideration of the premises, rents and covenants herein expressed, Home Sweet City LLC hereby leases to Guest and Guest rents from Home Sweet City LLC, upon the terms and conditions herein set forth. Rent is due as confirmable and immediately available funds at the time of signing this Lease along with confirmed payment of the security deposit (if applicable) before occupying the premises. After expiration of the original lease term as stated above, Guest shall remain liable for all rent increases lawfully implemented by Home Sweet City LLC thereafter, in addition to their liability for the remaining terms and conditions of this lease agreement through the last day of the term interval in which they surrender all keys to the Premises and sole use and occupancy of the Premises to Home Sweet City LLC.. Guest will be entitled to avoid legal liability for the payment of a revised rent only if he or she completely vacates the Property prior to the effective date of the increased rent and restores Home Sweet City LLC or its agent to sole use and occupancy of same, having removed all of Guest’s personal property and ensured that no other person or entity remains in possession of claims a right to possess through Guest.  

2. JURISDICTION AND CHOICE OF LAW: This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed under, the laws of the District of Columbia. Jurisdiction and venue for all purposes shall be in the District of Columbia.

3. PAYMENTS: All payments of rent, taxes and fees called for are due upon agreement to terms without notice, demand or deduction. Rent shall be payable to Home Sweet City by bank transfer, credit card, or check (credit card processing fees apply). To the extent such regulations would apply to the lease arrangement, Guest acknowledges that the leased premises are not currently subject to the rent control regulations of the District of Columbia under the Rental Housing Act of 1985.  

4. LATE FEE; COST OF RETURNED CHECKS:  If any installment of rent is not received by Home Sweet City LLC within five (5) days from the due date, Guest covenants and agrees to pay as additional rent the additional sum of five percent (5%) of the full rent installment provided for.  Guest further agrees to pay a handling charge of $30.00 for each check returned by a bank for insufficient funds or any other reason. Home Sweet City  may require any and all payments to be made in cash, money order or certified funds. All rent, however, is due on the first day of the month and there is no grace period. 

5. OCCUPANTS USE: Guest will use said property as a single family residence for a maximum of           guests only and for no other purpose or additional number of persons whatever, without prior written consent of Home Sweet City LLC.  This provision shall be construed as a material part of this Lease.  Temporary guests are those persons who occupy property for no more than two weeks during any twelve-month period.  This lease shall not be assigned, nor any portion of the premises sublet, without prior written consent of Home Sweet City LLC.  Guest further shall be bound by and comply with, as a material component of this Lease, any and all condominium or other rules, regulations, declarations or bylaws imposed from time to time, whether by Home Sweet City LLC, or by declarant or board of directors (if applicable and if premises are part of a condominium regime). Guest acknowledges receipt of a copy of currently issued rules and regulations, which are attached as Exhibit A and made a part hereof.             
6. PETS: Guest shall not keep or allow pets on premises without written consent of Home Sweet City LLC in the exercise of its sole discretion.  In the event Home Sweet City LLC agrees to allow pets, or is compelled to allow them against its will by applicable law, Guest agrees that any additional costs incurred  (such as but not limited to having the property de-flead and de-ticked by a professional exterminator,  professional carpet cleaning etc) Guest further agrees to assume all liability and to be responsible for any damage caused by any said pet(s), such as odor and damage to carpets, furnishings, screens, other personal property, glass and frame. 

7. POSSESSION: Guest acknowledges that Guest will and does hereby take and hold said premises as a Guest for the term above described.  Home Sweet City LLC shall not be liable for failure to deliver possession of the leased premises for any reason whatsoever, at the time stipulated herein as the date of commencement of tenancy, nor shall such failure excuse Guest’s obligation hereunder, except that in the event of delay, the rent herein stipulated to be paid shall be abated for the period from the date of commencement specified in this Lease to the day possession is rendered to Guest. If Home Sweet City LLC shall allow Guest to take possession prior to the date of commencement of said tenancy, Guest shall pay Home Sweet City LLC a pro-rated rent for the number of days the premises are so occupied.  Guest hereby waives any right to make further claim or impose any further liability upon Home Sweet City LLC to Guest arising from such an event.

8. NO SMOKING: As a material covenant of this lease, there shall be no smoking of any kind permitted inside of the Property. This prohibition shall include all tobacco and non-tobacco based smoking products, or materials, including but not limited to, marijuana, other controlled or illegal substances, cigarettes, pipes, cigars and e-vape or vaping devices.

9. DAMAGE WAIVER:  Damage waiver included in booking includes damage protection for up to fifteen hundred dollars for contents and dwelling damage. For reservations longer than 29 nights, additional fees may be charged in order to extend coverage for the entire stay.

10. IDENTITY VERIFICATION: To prevent fraudulent or criminal activity Home Sweet City reserves the right to request a copy of the primary guest’s government issued photo ID in addition to providing a photo of the primary guest holding the aforementioned ID. By confirming this booking guest gives permission to Home Sweet City LLC. to verify guest identity, and check criminal databases in order to confirm the reservation. 

11. CONDITION OF PROPERTY: Guest hereby acknowledges that Home Sweet City LLC has inspected said leased premises and that they are in good condition, habitable and in compliance with the D.C. Housing Code and other applicable local and federal regulations and his acceptance of this Lease is conclusive evidence that said premises are in good and satisfactory order and repair except for such damages or malfunction as shall be itemized in writing on a record made by Guest or Home Sweet City LLC.  A list of any additional items to be noted should be received by Home Sweet City LLC within five (5) days of occupancy, in writing, to be determined as legitimate, and added, if required. A copy of such record shall be retained by Guest and Home Sweet City LLC. Nothing included in any such list shall be construed as an assignment of responsibility to Home Sweet City LLC for the repair or correction of such condition. Guest accepts the condition of such personal property in its current “as-is, where-is” condition, and without warranty. The personal property is provided for Guest’s convenience only, and Guest is and shall remain liable for breakage, loss, deterioration or other damage to such property during the course of Guest’s occupancy, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Under no circumstances shall Home Sweet City LLC have an obligation to replace any personal property present at the beginning to Guest’s occupancy. Guest agrees that no representation as to the condition of the Property or its contents has been made and no promise to decorate, alter, repair or improve the Property has been made. All furnishings should be left in the same position and not moved unless with prior consent from Home Sweet City LLC.

12. COMPLIANCE WITH HOUSING REGULATIONS: Guest covenants and agrees: to comply with Sections 2601 and 2602 of the Housing Regulations of the District of Columbia as amended; to keep that part of the premises which Guest occupies and uses as clean and sanitary as the conditions of the premises permit; to dispose from Guest’s dwelling unit all rubbish, garbage and other organic or flammable waste in a clean, safe and sanitary manner; to keep all plumbing and heating fixtures and appliances as clean and sanitary as their condition permits; to properly use and operate all electrical, gas, plumbing and heating fixtures and appliances and not to permit any person on the premises with Guest’s permission to willfully or maliciously destroy, deface, damage or remove any part of the structure or dwelling unit of the facilities, equipment or appurtenances thereto, nor himself do any such thing.  Guest shall be responsible for all fines assessed by state or local agencies resulting from improper handling of trash by Guest.  

13. UNLAWFUL USE, DISTURBING NOISES, ETC.:  Guest shall not use or permit to be used the leased premises for any unlawful purposes or do or permit any unlawful act in or upon the leased premises.  Guest shall not make or permit to be made any disturbing noises or boisterous conduct or do or permit any act which will unreasonably interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other Guests or neighbors.  This includes any violation of the D.C. Noise Control Act of 1977 (or any successor laws or regulations) and the fire or police regulations and the commission of any nuisance. Guest shall keep the volume of any radio, TV, stereo or musical instrument in the leased premises sufficiently reduced at all times so as not to disturb other Guests in the building and/or neighbors. In order to protect the peace and comfort of other Guests and neighbors and to protect the general building and grounds, it is agreed that the failure of Guest to maintain such control over the actions of the children occupying the leased premises as will prevent such children from violating the provisions of this Lease, will constitute a breach of this Lease as if such violation had been committed by Guest.  It is further covenanted and agreed that air guns or pistols, B-B guns or firearms of any kind, hatchets, knives, bows and arrows, and any similar articles or weapons in the possession of such minor children on the grounds of the apartment building in which these premises are a part, or outside the actual rooms of the leased premises are prohibited and that each such prohibited possession constitutes a breach of this Lease. Guest shall be liable for any and all damage to person or property caused by the acts and conduct of his children, and other children occupying or visiting the lease premises.  Guest shall keep or cause to be kept all doors leading from and into the building containing the leased premises closed at all times and Home Sweet City LLC reserves the right to close such doors in the event of the violation of the provision.  This provision shall not, however, be construed as an undertaking that Home Sweet City LLC shall provide a secure building.

14. PLUMBING AND APPLIANCES:  Guest will keep the premises, including all plumbing fixtures, facilities and appliances as clean and safe as condition permits and shall unstop and keep clear all waste pipes, drains and water closets thereon.  The Guest expressly covenants and agrees that at the termination of the lease all appliances and equipment will be in good working order and shall be operative and that the premises will be in good clean condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted. All utility services held in Guest’s name, except water, shall be ordered disconnected and all bills (including water) paid by Guest before any part of the security deposit can be returned, unless the costs of such utilities are paid for by the Home Sweet City LLC and included in Guest’s rent. The Guest is responsible for loss or damage from freezing of water pipes or plumbing fixtures or from the stopping of water closets and drains which shall be repaired at the expense of the Guest, unless the cause is beyond Guest's control.

15. USE AND REPAIR OF FACILITIES: Guest will use in a reasonable manner all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and other fixtures, facilities, equipment and appliances in the premises, and Guest shall be responsible to repair them at his expense for any damage caused by his failure to comply with this requirement. Any repair or replacement of property, equipment or appliances necessary due to the negligence by acts of commission or omission of Guest, his family or guests, shall be paid by the Guest. Guest will not place any heavy articles in property, including water beds, aquariums, safes, pianos, or wood stoves, without the written consent of Home Sweet City LLC. Cooking is not permitted in areas other than the kitchen on the main floor of the residence. Upon termination of this lease, whether by expiration of the term, abandonment by Guest or by termination by Home Sweet City LLC upon breach by Guest, the property shall be promptly vacated, all personal property of Guest shall be removed, property left in good and broom clean order by Guest, reasonable wear and tear excepted, carpets professionally cleaned, utilities disconnected and all final bills paid and proof of receipts provided.

16. NOTICE OF DEFECTS OR MALFUNCTION:  Guest will give Home Sweet City LLC prompt written notice of any known defect, breakage, malfunction or damage to or in the structure, equipment or fixtures in or on said property.  This covenant, however, does not obligate, and is not to be understood, interpreted, construed, or in any way to imply that Home Sweet City LLC is obligated or expected to repair or correct such defect, breakage, malfunction, or damage except as provided for by applicable law.  Moreover, it is understood that any notice by Guest for any repairs or services shall be deemed permission for the Home Sweet City LLC or its employees to enter the premises at a reasonable time without further notice to perform such repairs or services.  

17. EQUIPMENT THAT OVERLOADS A SYSTEM:  Guest will not install or use, or permit to be installed or used, any equipment of any kind that will require any alteration or additions to, or create an overload on, any gas, water, heating, electrical, sewerage, drainage, or air conditioning systems of the said property, without prior written consent of the Home Sweet City LLC, and the permission of any governmental agency or public utility company, as and if required, and compliance with applicable public laws.

18. EXPLOSIVES AND INFLAMMABLES: The Guest will not use or keep in the dwelling any explosives, or inflammable or combustible materials which would increase the rate of fire insurance on the premises.

19. SMOKE DETECTORS:  If any applicable law of any governmental body requires the installation of Smoke Detectors at the time of occupancy of the leased premises by Guest, Home Sweet City LLC certifies to Guest that said Smoke Detectors have been installed and are in proper working condition in accordance with said law prior to Guest's occupancy.  It shall be the responsibility of Guest to check Smoke Detectors periodically during the tenancy and replace batteries as necessary to keep Smoke Detectors in proper working condition and to report any malfunctions in said Smoke Detectors to Home Sweet City LLC in writing. Guest shall be responsible to Home Sweet City LLC for any and all damage to smoke detectors resulting from Guest’s deliberate acts or negligence, or that of its guests, agents or invitees. In the event Guest shall refuse or fail to repair any such damage, Home Sweet City LLC may, at his option, make such repairs and assess Guest’s rental account for the costs attendant to those repairs or replacements. These sums shall be deemed to constitute additional monthly rent.  Home Sweet City LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for any non-reported malfunctions to or misuse of Smoke Detectors by the Guest which results in injury or damage to the leased premises.  It shall be the responsibility of the Guest to obtain an insurance policy which provides public liability coverage and also provides for the protection of Guest's personal property.

20. TRASH REMOVAL:  Home Sweet City LLC shall provide appropriate receptacles for the collection, storage and removal of garbage, rubbish and other waste. Guest shall be responsible for all costs and arrangements involved in removal or disposal of bulk items or large volume trash and/or waste removal needs which Guest may have or be responsible for.

21. UTILITY CHARGES, DUES AND FEES:  Homeowner shall pay all utility charges, including but not limited to gas, electricity, water and telephone. 

22. SUBORDINATION AND ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE: This lease shall be subordinate to the lien of existing and future mortgages placed on the premises, and Guest agrees to execute whatever additional agreements are required to so subordinate this lease.  Home Sweet City LLC shall have the right to assign any of his rights under this agreement at any time. No assignment or subletting by Guest shall be permitted without the express written consent of Home Sweet City LLC, such consent which can be withheld in Home Sweet City LLC’s exclusive discretion.

23. ACCESS TO PROPERTY BY HOME SWEET CITY LLC, AGENT AND THEIR DULY DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVES:  Upon reasonable notice to Guest, which shall be deemed to include notice by e-mail or text messaging, and at reasonable times, Home Sweet City LLC, or his duly designated representative may enter the premises in order to (a) inspect the property, (b) make necessary repairs, carry out maintenance, alterations or improvements, (c) supply necessary or agreed services,  and (d) exhibit the property to prospective or actual purchasers, occupants or Guests, mortgagees, appraisers, workmen or contractors. This right of access to show the Property during the originally specified term above shall not apply to a Guest scheduled to occupy the Property for less than one (1) week however, as Home Sweet City LLC shall use reasonable efforts to schedule any needed access after such a Guest has vacated.   

24. GUEST’S REFUSAL TO ALLOW ACCESS; SURRENDER OF PROPERTY: If Guest refuses to allow access to Home Sweet City LLC or his designated representative as provided in the preceding paragraph, Home Sweet City LLC may obtain injunctive relief to compel access or may terminate this lease. If Guest fails to vacate the property after notice of termination, Home Sweet City LLC may bring an action for possession and damages sustained, including re-letting costs and reasonable attorneys' fees as can be awarded by a court.  After termination of this lease, whether by expiration of the term or by termination by Home Sweet City LLC upon breach by Guest, the property shall be promptly vacated, all personal property of Guest and trash and debris shall be removed, the Property left in good and broom clean order by Guest, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Furthermore, a failure to provide access shall be construed as a waiver by Guest of any claim for repair or damages associated with the subject matter of the desired access or inspection, and Guest may not later claim that a failure of the Home Sweet City LLC to address the condition would entitle Guest to any abatement or rent or other relief. Home Sweet City LLC will conduct a walkthrough of the Property and take an inventory of the personal property identified on Exhibit B. Deductions for damages to real or personal property shall be taken from the security deposit held, and Guest shall be notified at its last known address of any intended deductions or disbursement of security deposit funds.

25. TRUTHFULNESS OF RENTAL APPLICATION:  Any Rental Application now or previously submitted by Guest has been an inducement for Home Sweet City LLC to rent the premises to Guest.  If any material facts contained or provided in the Rental Application are untrue or if the premises are occupied by anyone other than Guest as stated in the Rental Application, Home Sweet City LLC shall have the right to terminate this lease, to hold Guest liable for any damage to the premises, to avail himself of all rights and remedies to which he may be entitled at law or equity, and to recover reasonable attorneys' fees and costs as allowed by law. 

26. WAIVER OF BREACH: No waiver or oversight of any breach of any covenants, condition or agreement herein contained, or compromise or settlement relating to such a breach shall operate as a waiver of the covenant, condition or agreement itself, or any subsequent breach thereof.

27. PROPERTY UNFIT FOR HABITATION:  If the whole, or any part, of said property should be declared, posted, or be the subject of formal notice, by or pursuant to any governmental authority or law, that it is unfit, unsafe, uninhabitable, unsuitable or not lawfully usable for the purpose or persons under this lease, Home Sweet City LLC shall have the option of eliminating or correcting the cause thereof, if such can be done, and Home Sweet City LLC elects to do so, or terminating this lease from the date Home Sweet City LLC gives notice to Guest of such termination or from the date Home Sweet City LLC is compelled by law to terminate further occupancy or use of said property, whichever date is earlier, and the remaining rent due hereunder shall be proportionately adjusted to the effective date of such termination.

28. ABANDONMENT: If Guest shall abandon or vacate the demised premises, either voluntarily or involuntarily, or be evicted therefrom prior to the termination date of the stated term of this lease, or should Guest breach any of the provisions of this lease, Home Sweet City LLC may without notice, re-enter and repossess said premises and exercise general control over same for the balance of the stated term.  This shall not be construed to be a surrender or acceptance of a surrender of the premises or a termination of the lease and Guest’s liabilities to Home Sweet City LLC arising thereunder shall continue.  Home Sweet City LLC may thereupon re-let the premises for such rental and upon such terms as Home Sweet City LLC, in its sole discretion, may deem available.  In any such event, Guest shall, nonetheless, remain liable for all rental payments plus any other charges and debts to Home Sweet City LLC which at any time up to and including the stated termination date of this lease, shall arise under any of the provisions of this lease.  If after default in payment of rent or violation of any other provision of this lease, or upon expiration of this lease, Guest moves out or is dispossessed and fails to remove any of his personal property prior to such said default, expiration of the lease, or prior to the issuance of final order or execution of a writ of restitution, then and in that event, the said personal property shall be deemed abandoned by Guest and shall become the property of Home Sweet City LLC or may be disposed of by Home Sweet City LLC in his sole discretion.

29. GUEST DEFAULT; FAILURE TO FULFILL COVENANTS: In the event that Guest fails to pay when due any installment of rent, or additional rent, and such rent, or additional rent, is not paid by the due date specified in this lease, in addition to other remedies provided by law, Home Sweet City LLC may repossess the premises through initiation of an action for possession filed in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. It is understood that Guest covenants full rental liability for the entire last term of the intended occupancy, whether said Guest holds the demised premises for the month's or week’s entirety or any portion thereof. This provision includes any renewal or holdover period after the expiration of the original term of this lease.  In the event of Guest’s default under any of the terms of this lease, Home Sweet City LLC shall be entitled to possession of the property, to any unpaid rent or additional rent, to recover any damages sustained to real or personal property o rother financial interest and to such attorney's fees as may be recoverable by law or awarded by the Court.  It is further covenanted and agreed between the parties hereto that if any installment of rent hereinbefore reserved is not paid at the time and place agreed upon, although no formal or legal demand shall have been made for the same, or if any of the covenants, conditions, or agreements herein contained shall not be performed or observed by the Guest, according to their full tenor and effort, or in case the leased premises shall be deserted or vacated, then in either or any of said events the Home Sweet City LLC may proceed to recover possession of said premises in accordance with the law governing proceedings between Home Sweet City LLC and Guest. In the event Home Sweet City LLC repossesses the Premises due to Guest’s breach of this lease, at Home Sweet City LLC’s option, the Guest’s possessory rights shall be terminated but the rental obligations of Guest shall survive the transfer of possessory interests in the Premises and Guest shall remain jointly and severally liable for the financial obligations imposed hereunder until expiration of termination of the Lease.  It is specifically covenanted and agreed between the parties hereto that these presents are executed upon each and all of the conditions, covenants and agreements contained herein, and that if the Guest, or his executors, administrators, family or invitees do or shall neglect, fail or refuse to perform or observe any of the covenants, conditions, agreements, or undertakings herein contained, or if said premises shall be deserted or vacated, then and in any of said cases, in addition to other remedies therefore provided by law, the Home Sweet City LLC or those having the estate in said premises, may lawfully forthwith or at any time thereafter, enter into and upon the said premises, or any part thereof, and without being liable for any prosecution, suit or damages thereto, and repossess the same and expel the Guest or those claiming under or through him and remove his or their effects without demand or notice, and without prejudice to any remedies which might otherwise be used for arrears of rents, or preceding breach of covenant, and Guest’s possessory rights under this lease shall terminate and end, and the Guest hereby specifically agrees that he will indemnify the Home Sweet City LLC, its successors or assigns, against all loss or deficiency of rent or other payments which he may incur by reason of such termination or breach, and without further notice or consent of the Guest may proceed to re-let such premises. The right to receive any Notice to Quit is hereby expressly waived by Guest.  The Guest also agrees that all property on the said premises and for thirty (30) days after removal, shall be liable to distress for rent, and waives the benefit of all laws exempting any of his property from levy and sale either on distress for said rent or on judgment obtained in a suit therefor.  Guest waives the benefit of any exemption under the homestead, bankruptcy, and any other insolvency law as to his obligations under this lease.

30. COSTS, FEES AND ENFORCEMENT:  Guest further covenants and agrees that in the event of his default in any installment of rent, or in the event of his breach of any covenant or condition hereof, that he will reimburse the Home Sweet City LLC for any money expended by Home Sweet City LLC for utility or other bills, damages, re-letting costs as well as any other costs which may be incurred to enforce this lease and such attorney’s fees as can be awarded by the Court. 

31. PARKING: If a city issued street parking permit is provided, it must be requested and printed off in advance of stay. If a physical pass is in used, it must be returned at the end of stay or there will be a replacement charge of $500. Security of vehicles is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner and following city parking law, including street cleaning restricted parking, are the responsibility of guests and Home Sweet City LLC cannot be held liable for tickets or towing charges. 

32. GUEST NEGLECT AND COSTS:  If at any time during the term of this lease, or any renewal or extension thereof, Home Sweet City LLC should be required by any governmental authority to make repairs, alterations or additions to said property or its equipment, caused by the use or neglect thereof by Guest, Guest hereby agrees to have said repairs, alterations or additions made at Guest's risk, cost and expense, and if Guest fails to do so promptly, Home Sweet City LLC shall have the option of terminating this lease, or causing such repairs, alterations, or additions to be made, and the cost of same, plus six percent (6%) thereof, shall be considered as additional rent for said property and payable forthwith by Guest.  The provisions of this paragraph shall be in addition to and shall not prevent the enforcement of any claim Home Sweet City LLC may have against Guest for any other breach or damages under this lease.

33. LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL OR PROPERTY DAMAGE:  All persons and personal property in or on said property shall be at the sole risk and responsibility of the Guest. Home Sweet City LLC shall not be liable for any damage or injury to said persons or personal property arising from the negligence, acts or omission of acts of any persons or entity, or from roof, wall, floor, door, or window water leaks, or from the freezing, bursting, leaking, or overflowing of water, steam, sewer, or gas pipes, or from heating or plumbing fixtures, or from electric wires or fixtures, or from or by any other cause whatever, latent or patent. No rights of storage are given to Guest by this Agreement. Guest shall obtain renter’s insurance to cover any potential damage he is concerned with in connection with his use and occupancy of the Premises. In summary, Home Sweet City LLC shall not be liable for any injury or damage whatever to the person or property of Guest or any other person or entity in or on said property; and Guest hereby expressly and without reservation covenants and agrees to save Home Sweet City LLC harmless in all such matters, unless such injury or damage is committed deliberately and with malice by Home Sweet City LLC. Guest is advised to obtain renter’s insurance to cover travel, personal property and interests.  It is understood and agreed that if the Property becomes infested with bedbugs, the expense of having them removed or controlled shall be the sole and full responsibility of the Guest. 

34. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: These terms may be subject to an application clearance consisting of rental references, verifications, employment verifications and satisfactory credit, eviction and similar reports, and final Home Sweet City LLC approval of the same.

35. DAMAGE BY FIRE OR CASUALTY: It is further understood and agreed, that if said premises become uninhabitable by reason of fire, or other casualty not caused by the negligence of Guest, his servants or agents, the rental herein reserved shall be suspended until said premises shall have been restored to a habitable condition, nothing herein to be construed, however as requiring Home Sweet City LLC to rebuild or restore said premises.  Or at Home Sweet City LLC’s option it may notify Guest that such inhabitability and damage as herein stated, that this Lease is terminated and at an end, whereupon it shall be the obligation of Guest, at his own cost and expense to remove his personal property forthwith, and if not so removed, Home Sweet City LLC may remove the same to storage as it shall select, and do so as the duly authorized agent of Guest, and all moving charges and cost of storage shall be at the cost and expense of Guest.

36. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This lease contains the entire agreement between the parties and shall not be modified in any manner except by an instrument in writing executed by the parties.  If any term or provision of this lease or the application thereof to any person or circumstance shall, to any extent, be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this lease, or the application of such term or provision to persons or circumstances other than those as to which it is held invalid or unenforceable, shall not be affected thereby and each term and provision of this lease shall be valid and be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law.  Any provision of this lease to the extent that is in conflict with any applicable law of the District of Columbia or provision of Amendments to the Housing Regulations of the District of Columbia effective June 15, 1970 (hereinafter referred to as the “Code”) is hereby deleted and any provision required by the Code which is not included in this lease is hereby inserted as an additional provision of this lease; but all only to the extent required by the Code and then only so long as the applicable provision of the Code is not repealed by the Government of the District of Columbia or held invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction. The covenants, conditions and agreements contained herein are binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors and assigns.  Guests signing this Agreement shall be jointly and severally liable.  Whatever the context so requires, the singular member shall include the plural, and the plural the singular, and the use of any gender shall include all other genders. 

37. REVIEW OF AGREEMENT: Guest has read this lease agreement in its entirety and understands its terms and understands that this agreement is a binding contract.   

38. CANCELATION:  If the Guest wishes to give notice to cancel accommodations prior to arrival, notice must be given at least 30 days prior to check-in date in order to receive a full refund, less applicable booking and processing fees. Bookings canceled at least 15 days before the start of the stay will receive a 50% refund less applicable booking and processing fees. No refund will be given if notice is given less than 14 days of check in date. 

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